Expertise & Services

We integrate the techniques of journalism with the language of advertising and communications to create innovative and groundbreaking messages through:”

Comunicazione Integrata

We choose together the best solutions and tools to communicate with the  world using your most authentic voice.

We analyze who you are and what you really need to say, by exploring your Company/Organization “personality” to find the most proper identity. The outcome is the design of a coherent image, declined to different objectives: communication campaigns, news dissemination through a press office, events, press conferences, websites and webtv, traditional and unconventional advertising. We can manage all the tools you need to impact your world with measurable results.”

Strategie per i nuovi media

We know the buttons you need to click to draw the online community attention and start a network dialogue.

Most of all, we know the right timing to activate new media and social network activity: when is the right moment to start a Facebook page and what are its best caracteristics, how to attract the people with a youtube channel. We also know how to send the message out through a website, traditional as well as highly innovative and interactive.”

Ufficio stampa e Media Relations

First: the news.

Companies, organizations, public and scientific institutions are a mine of unexploited information. We can find the news that you didn’t realize was in your hands and bring it up, translate it into the media language and disseminate it at the right time. Your name and company will fly this way, together with your brand.”

Relazioni Istituzionali

Different worlds talking together: this is what we mean by institutional relations.

We point out with you and for you environmental and green economy issues to the policy makers. We then integrate informations and relations with the institutional world: catching the right moment to activate media attention and solution opportunities. We work with you and for you with public Administrators, as dialogue facilitators, to attract local and national community consent, facing the challenges connected with renewable energy, waste management and sustainability development. ”

Ideazione eventi

Light information pills on fundamental issues: a few minutes fiction clip is enough to capture the attention and let a message go through.

We create new stories and film them for you with a cast of actors able to play the ironic yet profound side of the plot. We then position the clips in the visible spots of the network.”

Produzione di info-comedy

An interactive show or exhibit. A zero emission meeting or press conference. A fully organic cocktail party to create new connections and share ideas.

In the communication forest there’s a time to gather together: it has to be well organized (and communicated in the best coherent language).”

Produzione di video e articoli

Need an article ready to be published on your magazine? Are you looking for that perfect video to be posted on your website?

Would you like to shoot a clip on your activity? Our editorial staff of professionals will answer your need: an on demand service.”

Formazione alla comunicazione

The demand for environmental information is constantly growing in companies as well as in public institutions.

What a challenge to find the most appropriate tool: from videoclip to live interviews, from social networks to press releases. I could be a nice deal to have a professional environmental communicator in the house. We can train your employees through seminars, courses and stages also using the tools offered by Neuro-linguistic programming.”