Lo sapevi? Dietro a una busta per la spesa potrebbe nascondersi la criminalità organizzata, che in Italia controlla gran parte del mercato dei sacchetti di plastica bio, non soltanto al Sud, e impone ai commercianti l’acquisto e la distribuzione di prodotti illegali non compostabili. Per cambiare le cose basterebbe stare attenti, informarsi, scegliere prodotti virtuosi, denunciare l’illegalità, fare la propria parte. STIAMOCI ATTENTI. SCEGLIAMO #UNSACCOGIUSTO
Place To B – Join us for COP21
UN Conference on Climate Change in December 2015 will take place in Paris. From November 28th to December 12th, Place to B offers a place to sleep, meet, co-work and co-create new stories about Climate & Humans. It's a home for bloggers, medias, cartoonists, artists, NGOs & many others ! It's a community of people and citizens who want to talk differently about climate change ! #JoinUs
This is Place to B
During the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Paris from 30th November to 11th December 2015, Place to B offers not only a place to stay, but also a coworking space, a program of events and a “News Fab Lab” about climate and solutions for the ecological transition. Beyond COP21, Place to B is above all a movement fueled by all those who want to convey the message in a different way.
Morning Gloryville Roma
La prima volta del Morning Gloryville a Roma, il 20 maggio 2015 all'Angelo Mai
Pope Francis: The Encyclical
[COMING SOON] Pope Francis in The Encyclical: the epic battle against the climate crisis. #PopeForPlanet
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