awareness campaign

Coop Youth Experience

client: COOP
when: SET 2021

10 thousand trees to create 10 oases in as many Italian cities. Trees planted by young partners, voluntaries, employees, and activists from Italy’s most important consumers’ co-ops. “Oasi urbane” is the name of the project we launched for COOP in Milan, during the UN Pre-COP26.

#youth #trees

For the event – with the patronage of both the Ministry of ecological transition and the Municipality of Milan - Coop brought together young partners, voluntaries, and activists. They planted over 1000 trees and bushes in two areas of the city.
The three-days event was organized with the help of two technical partners, AzzeroCo2 e PlanBee, that have been working for years with Silverback. The youth took part in the re-naturalization of an urban area, and had a chance to meet environmental experts and researchers.

L'inaugurazione in piazza Cordusio

To launch the event, we installed an ‘instant urban oasis’ in Cordusio square, Milan. The citizens enjoyed these 25 square meters of plants for a month, before they were split and distributed to several social cooperatives.
This site-specific installment was entirely designed by Silverback, with the help of staging and botanical experts.
Cherry on top? We built it in one night!

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