Awareness campaign

The fellowship of soil

client: FEDERBIO
when: da MAG 2021

As part of the Cambia la Terra project, FederBio launched “La Compagnia del Suolo” (The Fellowship of Soil). This campaign crossed Italy north-to-south to find out what’s in the soil of our farms. We travelled to meet many experts, and to see with our very eyes the difference between a healthy soil and a spoilt one.

#soil #environment

La Compagnia del Suolo, the latest Cambia la Terra’s travelling campaign, during the summer of 2021 crossed Italy north-to-south to evaluate our soil’s health and to raise awareness about soil protection.
The Fellowship sampled and analyzed soil from organic and conventional farms looking for chemical pesticides that are dangerous for the environment and for human health.
The Fellowship’s main goal was to communicate soil’s importance to the public. This was done through a series of events in which representatives from FederBio and other Cambia la Terra’s partners talked about soil’s health and the role of organic farming in protecting it.
Throughout the campaign we picked up 24 soil samples: twelve from organic farms and twelve from conventional ones. An accredited lab executed the analysis to find substances like fosetyl, glyphosate and AMPA, dithiocarbamate and copper.